Rosebud Ski Hat

Over Christmas I had three days off from knitting as I didn’t have the correct needles to start my Rosebud hat by Brooklyn Tweed. I was itching, fidgeting and sweating due to lack of knitting, until I finally caved and went off to buy needles at The Woolly Brew in Pittenweem. (If you live on the East Coast of Scotland then I recommend a trip here as it is such a lovely wee shop in a picturesque village with great sea views! The ladies here are lovely and very helpful too.)

For my Rosebud, I used Rowan Creative Focus Worsted yarn in white that I bought in Edinburgh. It is a 75% wool / 25% alpaca mix and is lovely and soft. It is quite easy to put your needle through the strands though as it doesn’t seem to be as tightly bound (not sure if this is the right term, probably not) as other wool, so I had to be careful not to be distracted by the TV too much!

I chose to make the larger, slouchy size as I don’t think fitted hats suit me too well and I wanted something a little different. As I was knitting, I watched the hat grow and grow, thinking will I look like a chef? Will I look like the Michelin man? Bo Peep? Maybe I should stop and knit the smaller, more fitted size… Alas I carried on and this is what it looks like!

photo (29)

What do you think?! It will certainly keep my lugs warm next week when I am skiing in France! What did you make over Christmas?



Christmas Time and Resolutions!

Just a wee post to update you on all the lovely knitting goodies Santa kindly brought me at Christmas!


I got a lovely book called 200 Fair Isle Designs by Mary Jane Mucklestone. This book is amazing and makes steeks (cuts in knitted fabric to create arm holes) look less daunting! There are lots of lovely patterns that can be used to design sweaters, scarves, socks etc and the charting is in black and white but it also shows different colour combinations. I hope to be able to adapt/design a pattern with it soon. There are instructions on how to design a Fair Isle jumper in the introduction, but I’m worried about how to do shaping. Fair Isle sweaters are more boxy than fitted so this may negate the need for shaping… we will see!

A copy of Interweave Winter 2011 magazine (not shown)! Betties Pullover caught my eye when I was browsing through patterns, so I was very happy to get this as a present. I have already ordered my wool – I really wanted to get the same yarn that was used in the magazine from the Alpaca Yarn Co, but I didn’t realise how expensive it is to import yarn into the UK from the USA. So, instead, I have chosen a similar colour from the extensive palette at Jamiesons of Shetland. I really hope it comes this week as I have been super patient! I also really want to make the Livingstone cardigan in the Interweave magazine too, but that one will need to wait for now.

I got a lovely crocheted flower pin from Andys cousin who has just started to crochet. I love the pink/orange wool used and will be great for Spring and Summer to add some colour to my coat.

I am a little behind but as everyone on the blogsphere seems to be making New Year Resolutions, or re-sew-lutions, maybe I should too..! So here are my resolutions:

1. I want to knit 6 items this year. I already have a list of jumpers the length of my arm on my list (see my previous post) but I would like to tackle a skirt too after seeing this lovely one on Golden Scales blog. There isn’t a pattern for the skirt so I might need to do some experimenting to get it right…

2. I want to sew 6 items too. I made two tops last year but one (the Colette Sencha) I’m not so keen on and I haven’t finished hand sewing the arms yet… My other top was the Colette Sorbetto. I really like this top and it was made with Liberty Arts fabric, so pretty! It does fit but I think I could tweak it just a little to make it better though.

3. I want to learn to crochet! Lots of people I know have started to crochet and it looks really fun so I would like to try my hand at that. I plan to join a knitting club this year too so hopefully will get some pointers there but if anyone can recommend a good website with crochet tutorials and easy beginner patterns, let me know!

Hopefully I will be able to stick to all of these! What are your New Year Resolutions?


I’m back from Skye!

Sorry for a lack of posts this week, I was away on holiday! Andy and I went to the Isle of Skye in the Hebrides. The weather was typical of a Scottish summer, but we did have a couple of sunny days! I know this is a knitting and sewing blog, but my holiday did feature some knitting so I will sneak  some holiday snaps in! Here are some of my favourite photos:

1. Kilt Rock, Isle of Skye. 2.Eilean Donan Castle, Scottish Highlands.3. Glenbrittle beach with The Cuillins, Isle of Skye. 4. Plockton. 5. Glenbrittle beach, Isle of Skye. 6. Plockton seals with The Cuillins, Plockton. 7. Highland cows. 8. Shetland wool from Shilasdair, Waternish (Skye). 9. Andy wearing Guston, Plockton. 10. Knitting at the campsite, Glenbrittle.

We visited a little village called Plockton on the mainland of Scotland, near the Skye bridge. It is such a quaint wee village and we saw the most beautiful, vibrant rainbow ever! We went back on our last day of our trip to go on a seal tour! I may have got pretty excited when we saw the seals! There were lots of jellyfish too and it was such a nice day we could see all The Cuillins (the big mountainous ridge on Skye, the longest in the UK). I also got some pictures of Andy’s new jumper, Guston, what do you think?

As I had hurt my leg the week before we went on holiday, we didn’t plan anything adventurous and will definitely return to climb the mountains! We went up to the north of the island on the first day but the weather wasn’t great so couldn’t really see the Old Man of Storr or Quiraing very well, although we did see Kilt Rock and some lovely waterfalls. Andy also went swimming one day – it was pretty brave and after he “couldn’t feel his skin”!!

I also wanted to buy some local yarn but it is actually quite expensive! We went to Shilasdair yarns which are all dyed using organic and traditional methods. I bought the two hanks above – a dark grey and a white Shetland wool. These don’t show off all the lovely colours but I didn’t have a project in mind when I went so it was hard to decide what to buy. I think with these I will knit some cosy socks, a hat, a scarf or mittens. Maybe mittens…

Our last campsite was in Glenbrittle and it was lovely! We were nestled between the sea and the mountains and was such a fantastic view to wake up to! You can see me knitting away in front of The Cuillins whilst waiting for dinner! Camping was so much fun and can’t wait to go away again!

Back to knitting! You may be wondering what I am making next. I wanted something easier after doing Andy’s sweater, so I am making a cardigan using a pattern from Redheart, the cuff-to-cuff sweater. I have shortened the cardigan by two inches and I plan to add a few button holes as I wouldn’t wear it with a belt. The wool I am using is from New Lanark and it has little specks of red/brown in it and reminds me oats! It is knitting up pretty fast and I think I will be finished soon. Here is a wee taster!