Finally a finished jumper to show you! I’ve nicknamed my latest project Oats! The wool I am using his little specks of red/brown in it and reminds me of porridge oats.

This was a really easy pattern and has been pretty easy to knit up. It is knit from shoulder to shoulder so the arms don’t need to be sewn in after. Because it is knitted this way the rows of stitches go across the body instead of up and down, giving a slightly different effect.

There are rows of moss stitch (seed stitch) on the cuffs and around the edge, plus a band across the neck. This is really easy – the repeat is:

Row 1: *k1, p1 , repeat from * to end of row

Row 2: *p1, k1, repeat from * to end of row.

I wanted to hide the bind off on the last sleeve as I use the long tail cast on method and I wanted the edges to be even. As there is moss stitching around the sleeves, I thought that the invisible ribbed bind off might work. I gave it a try following a tutorial which was pretty simple to follow, but I thought the end result was a little bit messy. Maybe this isn’t suitable for moss stitches? So in the end I just went for the normal bind off and although it is a bit thicker here, I don’t think it is really¬†noticeable. Does anyone have another method for binding off moss stitches?

I finished knitting this jumper a wee while ago, but I couldn’t find the motivation to weave in my ends and sew on the buttons. I had to re-cast off round the neck as the first attempt was far too tight and pulled the edges up. It is much better second time around!

I’ve had some compliments after wearing it last week (it’s so cosy though it’s not quite cold enough for it yet!) and it has motivated me to do more crafty things.

I’m making lots of Christmas presents just now so can’t tell you what I’m knitting just yet, but will endeavour to update more!


p.s. will get some (much) better photos taken!!


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