Rose Sorbetto

I also have my first sewn garment, Colette Sorbetto, to show off too!

I love this rose printed fabric which I am pretty sure is Liberty Arts (brain overload in the fabric shop but I got it from where all the Liberty fabrics are). It is so pretty and it’s brightness will make up for the lack of summer we have had this year in Scotland!

I made some bias binding (the bit that goes round the neck and sleeves) in the same material as the top using a continuous bias binding tutorial from the Coletterie blog. It was my first attempt and although it wasn’t a complete disaster, the bias binding wasn’t even all the way round so I just bought bias binding instead. It was a little tricky to keep it even when stitching it on so there is a wee bit that is a little looser, but its pretty unnoticeable really. I also lowered the neckline and the armholes by an inch each.

My sewing machine didn’t like this fabric – see earlier post. I couldn’t get the tension to set and ended up carting my machine to the other side of Edinburgh for some advice from the ladies at materialise. We think it may have been a combination of the fabric and needle. Beginners, eh?!

I love the sewing community! A massive thanks to Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons, whom I emailed regarding my lack-of-experience issue!! For anyone else new to sewing, you must check out her blog. She has tutorials that take you through everything from buying a sewing machine to learning how to use it. Plus her creations are lovely!  Everyone is so helpful and, in a weird way, you feel like you know people after reading their blog and seeing what they are making.

Will promise to take some photos of me wearing soon!



2 thoughts on “Rose Sorbetto

  1. So glad you fixed the thread tension. This top is gorgeous! LOVE the fabric, and it’s definitely Liberty. Here’s to many more sewing projects…

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