One finished Guston!

And here we have it, Andy’s new sweater!

This is the Guston Sweater by Ann Budd (previously mentioned in this post and this post). I love the cables and this is probably my favourite knitted garment yet! I didn’t particularly enjoy stitching the arms to the body or weaving in all my ends. I also discovered that weaving in ends is boring – especially if you have lots of them! I didn’t manage to line up the cables over the shoulders as there would have been a bit sticking out over the edge. It’s fine though and not really noticeable.

I love this sweater so much! It is so comfy and warm, which is perfect for the weather we have here in Scotland. It is also a “boyfriend” sweater, so maybe I can wear it when Andy is at work…


p.s. my model was busy today so will need to wait a couple of days so I can snap some good photos!

Update – I got some lovely photos of the finished jumper whilst I was away on holiday in Skye


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