The adventure begins!

What a busy week I have had! I had a big deadline at work so I haven’t had much time to make anything. That’s about to change though as I treated myself to a sewing machine  and it arrived just in time for the weekend! My thinking was reasonable – its going to last me for years and I went for a refurbished Brother machine (effectively new) so it worked out at the same price as a cheap machine.

On Friday evening I managed to rustle up a quick muslin for a cute wee tank top by Colette, the Sorbetto Top. It only took a couple of hours to cut out my pattern and fabric, then sew the top together.

On Saturday morning I went to the second of my sewing classes at materialise in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket.

Note the beautiful summery weather we have been having!

The ladies there are lovely and so helpful! We are making Colette Sencha Blouse. Overall it isn’t too hard a pattern to follow, but we had to make two muslins the previous week due to all the adjustments! Apparently the other Colette patterns aren’t as complicated as this one! PHEW!

This is the first time Brigitte and Reese have run this class so we found that it took us longer than anticipated so I need to go back next week to make button holes and hem. Almost there!

I met my friend Seema from work on Saturday afternoon for a knitting lesson! Seema is left handed and I never appreciated how hard it would be for her to learn to knit the way I do. After a couple of hours of gossiping and watching YouTube tutorials for knitting left handed, we ventured down to the knitting section in JohnLewis for some much needed help. A lovely lady (who is left handed) showed Seema how to cast on and and then knit, in about 5minutes! Seema can’t cast off yet so she may have a scarf a mile long by now!

I  also picked out some lovely fabrics for my Sorbetto top. However I picked something that is really lightweight and I don’t think I have enough experience of sewing to be able to do this yet. I’m going to take this to my sewing class next week for some tips. 🙂

In the meantime I went to Mandors today as I really want to get started. I got a nice cotton which will be much easier to sew.

In theory. My tension has been funny all day! I’ve turned it up, I’ve turned it down, I’ve changed my needle, I’ve rethreaded my bobbin and upper thread and I’ve adjusted stitch length. I think I have done pretty much everything possible and it still isn’t right! Sometimes it seems to start off stitching well and then there are loops on either side. I need help!

On the knitting front, I have finished knitting the Guston sweater for Andy. I blocked it last week and it took 2-3 days to dry!! I just have to stitch the arms to the body, do the collar and put on his little buttons! I really like the look of this jumper and it looks like it is going to fit! 🙂

I’m still finding my feet with sewing so bear with me a little longer and I will have some pretty things to show!



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