First sewing lesson!

I went to my first sewing lesson on Monday evening! We learnt the basics of how to use a sewing machine – how to do bobbins, how to thread the machine and then we practised how to use it. I had to have a few attempts before I was able to sew in a straight line. After we mastered that, we learnt how to do corners by pivoting the fabric with the needle in place and then continuing to sew. I made a little napkin

Next we were shown how to do two different types of hem: one is folded over twice so a little bit more bulky. The other one is folded over just the once but needs to be stitched along the raw edge first to prevent the fabric from fraying. A simple straight stitch is used to hem the fabric.

Now I think I am ready to move on to a dressmaking class! We will be making a lovely blouse by Colette but I have to wait until next Saturday for this… 😦 I am quite impatient at times and this seems like so far away, but I need to choose fabric for this class and no doubt I will be like a kid in a sweetshop! I have also ordered the Colette sewing handbook by the owner/designer of Colette Patterns, Sarai Mitnick, so I hope this comes soon! Lita lent me hers and it is such an easy book to follow, especially for someone who knows nothing about sewing! The pictures are great and Sarai provides tips on using sewing patterns, adjustments and choosing fabric. Plus there are 5 patterns included!

In the meantime I will carry on with the sweater I am making for Andy. There was a slight error in the pattern so I had to wait to hear back from the designer about this. Thankfully it didnt take long for them to get back to me and today I finished the body whilst watching Wimbledon! Here are some pictures of the sweater thus far:


Hopefully the arms wont take me too long to make as I am excited to get started on my next project!



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