After my (failed) attempt to make a hat, I decided I want to make something I could wear more often as I am not a big hat wearer and it is supposedly summer?! 

I met with Kristen who is an avid knitter and dressmaker from the States but living in Edinburgh. I actually met her online through Martina as I dont know many people who knit (yet). Kristen sent me a lovely email with loads of tips for new knitters and where to buy my materials. She also sent me a link to her blog, which has inspired me to make lots of lovely clothes! You can find her blog here

For my next knitting project I chose the Short Row Jumper by the purlbee which Kristen had previously made ( This pattern is supposedly easy for beginners; well, it is if you know how to wrap and turn! So I met up with Kristen, who happens to live round the corner, and we went to a little cafe nearby to knit. Such a relaxing Sunday morning! Kristen taught me how to do short rows and these are pretty easy actually. 

I am still working on this project though. It is a little boring as the jumper is stockinette stitch with ribbed edges. It has taken me a while to get through it but after 2/3 months it is almost complete. I just need to pick up stitches around the neck and rib, and then I need to do the same for the arms. However, I prefer Kristens version with little capped sleeves so will attempt this. This project has been a great learning curve; I have learnt short rows, kitchener stitch and three way bind off! All of these have been pretty simple to learn, mainly from knitting websites and youtube videos, but of course I must thank Kristen too for helping with all the problems I have encountered. I didnt concentrate fully when doing my kitchener stitch so it isnt perfect and forgot which way I way going, but it isnt noticble. 

I wanted to try something a little more fun in the meantime to get a knitting high of creating something. I was going to Oxford for a conference with work the following week and I thought that I could knit on the 6hour train journey from Edinburgh. I chose to make Andys hat and the pattern arrived the day before I left. I wanted to make this hat for my dad and had to adjust the pattern slightly to be sure it would fit! As it turned out, I couldnt learn the techniques in time so all was left behind and needless to say I was pretty bored during the journey. This is where I stayed in Oxford!

When I got home I practised decreasing and sewing a mini hat just to check I could do everything. It does have it uses as an egg cosy though…

I then moved on to the real deal.  This hat was really fun and only took two days to make.I picked a wool blend as I wanted the hat to be washable. My dad has made his own car from old Citroen 2CVs and it is pretty windy without a roof!


p.s. I have written this from memory and was around March/April time.


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