New Lanark Woollen Mill

I discovered this place online and as Andy and I were going through to Glasgow last weekend to meet up with Andys family, I thought we could take a quick detour to Lanark to pick up some new yarn. 

I spent Saturday morning looking for the perfect pattern for my next sweater (for me) and watching Trooping of the Colour. I love Kates dresses, maybe I will be able make some soon?? On my trawl through Ravelry I found lots of lovely cardigans that I would like to knit but a lot seem to have lace and I havent mastered/attempted this yet so will need to wait. For the meantime I have chosen This pattern seems to be doable; I can do the rib and cables so I am off to good start. I dont like the idea of knitting elbow patches but I do like them so I think I will buy material and sew them on after.

Pattern in hand, off to Lanark we go! The quickest route using Google maps is cross country. I didnt really think about this and it probbaly would have been quicker to go via the M8. The weather was pretty wet and there was mist too so we couldnt really go fast on the country roads. As we didnt anticipate the journey taking so long to get there we only had 30mins to have a quick look around before we would need to leave to get to Glasgow on time for dinner. New Lanark is an old historic mill town and is really picturesque. I will need to visit again and spend more time there to explore.

Fortunately we managed to get the goods! I got a natural undyed100% wool yarn which I am pretty excited about knitting with. I must finish Guston first though! I also got a free shadecard which has a wee sample of all the colours of wool they sell. Pretty handy as Im never convinced about pictures online describing the colour of wool. Look at all those exciting colours!

We got to Glasgow on time and we went to Bo’vine on Byres Road and had a lovely evening.

This week I have definitely decided I would like to learn to sew. I have never really sewn anything so I am signing up to do a course on dressmaking. My mum took our sewing machine when my parents moved away from Glasgow so my friend Lita from work is going to lend me one until I get my mums one back. I am pretty excited about this new venture and have been picking out loads of patterns I would like to try!

So that is me finally up to date with all the things I have made thus far. I probably wont update as regularly now so that I can have something to show soon! I will investigate how to upload pictures to all my previous posts too!



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