Fair Isle

I love Fair Isle!

The colours used are normally so vibrant and fun. And I have now discovered the fun of knitting Fair Isle.

I tried some little Christmas stockings to start with to get used to knitting with two colours. I found this pattern here and it is free so no excuses for not having a pretty Christmas tree: http://littlecottonrabbits.typepad.co.uk/photos/free_pattern/stockings6.html. These are really fun so I think I will make some more nearer to Christmas time to decorate the tree!

The hat I chose isnt strictly Fair Isle, but its a patterned hat which I guess covers the basic skills for learning to knit with two colours. I chose the Signe hat http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/signe-hat. Previous knitters commented that this hat was very big so I decided to only do 5 repeats (instead of 6). After spending ages in John Lewis debating which colours to go for, I chose duck egg and cream. I like both these colours, but now that I have finished Im not convinced! Ive not had a chance to wear it outside yet though so indoor photos only for now.

This was my first experience of using double pointed needles (dpn’s) and was a wee bit tricky to begin with! I got the hang of it eventually and hte hat looks good. The pattern didnt specify which method to use to decrease so I had to figure these out to ensure the ribs slant/slope the right way at the crown.

I really fancy making a jumper or socks using a Fair Isle Pattern so Im saving up lots of scrap yarn that I could maybe use for these. I dont really wear socks except in the house so I would prefer to make something I might wear more.

When I was in Poland a few years ago for Erasmus I ventured down to Zakopane. This is the mountainous region a couple of hours south of Krakow on the Slovakian border. There are lots of little market stalls and I found which which sells woolly items. There were lots of really cool socks so I decided to buy a few pairs to bring home with me. They were so cheap too – about 5zloty which converts to £1 a pair. Now that I knit myself I feel bad for paying so little now that I understand the time and effort that goes into a project. I wanted to bring socks home for Andy too but there were no sizes. The lady told me a wee trick of wrapping the sock around your fist and the heel should touch the toe. This is your size. I guessed Andys size would be bigger than my fist and they fit! I only wish I had bought a jumper too!



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