Where did it all begin?

Welcome to my blog! I’ve never blogged before so this is a new experience. Hopefully I will enjoy writing it as much as you enjoy reading about what I am up to.

So where did it all start??

I first learnt how to knit when I was a young girl (maybe about 10 or so). My granny was a great knitter and always had a project on the go. I think I learnt to knit before this occassion but I can’t really remember any details. We visited Granny every Sunday and I remember there were always knitting magazines lying about. After flicking through one, I found a pattern for Bagpuss! At that age nothing is ever too hard! My dad obliged and took me to Marjories wool shop on the South Side of Glasgow and I choose my wool. Obviously I wasn’t thinking practically and chose lovely fluffy wool which would be perfect for a soft toy. As soon as I started, it was an instant regret. The wool was too fluffy and I couldnt see what I was doing. Not to mention knitting with two yarns is not the easiest thing for a beginner! Probably a combination of being too ambitious and too impatient to actually knit anything is most likely why I gave up!

Fast forward a good few years…..

I have recently been reacquainted with knitting after my boyfriend Andy’s mum, got back into it too. She knitted Andy and his brothers lovely cable rib hats! They look amazing. (I will figure out how to upload photos soon!) These hats gave me the inspiration I needed to pick up my needles again. After a weekend in St. Andrews, I was hooked. I re-learnt all the basics again (knit, purl, increase, decrease, bind-off, cast- on, etc.) and on the way home to Edinburgh we made an emergency stop at John Lewis so I could continue with my new addiction.

I borrowed a Rowan pattern for a simple hat with a pompom. Nothing special and easy enough for a beginner. I thought I would make this hat for my mum and chose lovely Rowan tweed wool. After a few days I had my first hat! It was so exciting, until I tried it on… I didnt have a clue about gauge and how important it is so it ended up far too small! Sorry mum!

Well, thats how my journey into the wonderful world of knitting started! Since then I have progressed, thankfully, and will share these items soon. Please feel free to share your stories and memories of how you started knitting below.



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